Hello everyone!

A very warm hello and welcome to all new (and old) readers, clients and students.

For those who know me you are aware I have been on a little hiatus from direct, one to one therapeutic work whilst concentrating on deciding on a geographical location for my life and practice. Hence lot’s of travelling and, as always, updating my skills as a practitioner through courses and training events. I have also been adopted by a beautiful four-legged creature named Charlie and realised that part of my passion is actually helping humans and animals get along. A bit of interspecies public relations. It’s beautiful work.

I have been a therapist for the last 15 years and my passion is bodywork and emotional work, which often overlap. My training started in psychodynamic psychotherapy and I still very much appreciate those theories (Freud, Klein, Winnicot, Bowlby) even if I think their “cure” or application of those insights is a bit outdated, long-winded and unrealistic for most people (5 – 10 years of 5 times weekly therapy is a very slow way of affecting change and also unaffordable for most people). Nonetheless, that’s what got me started on the path back in 2001 and I will forever be grateful to The Women’s Therapy Centre in London where I worked and studied.

I then became interested in therapeutic bodywork and followed that up with training in Biodynamic massage at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in 2003. I also did an ITEC massage course and started my practice at Women & Health where I stayed for nearly 10 years. We worked with women who experienced anxiety, depression, serious mental health problems and with victims of sexual violence. It was a challenging and demanding but extremely rewarding work. I worked on projects with The Rape Crisis and on projects for carers of children with disabilities and carers of elderly with dementia. I also worked with children with disabilities and learning difficulties and their parents and guardians at a place called Palace for All.

In the meantime I discovered EFT and its whole family of energy therapies. And that’s where my heart found her home. I just knew suddenly that it’s the quickest, safest and most direct way of working with my clients. I also trained in Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan and those two methods were all I needed to feel equipped as a practitioner. I studied kinesiology, nutrition, energy psychology, astrology, BodyTalk, EmoTrance, hypnotherapy, Hakomi Therapy and read extensively about the Enneagram. But it’s the EFT and Emotional Clearing that are the go-to techniques that I turn to the most.

I’d like to think that I create a safe, nurturing space for my clients, where it’s safe to heal and let go. I especially love to work with anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety and OCD symptoms as I have a direct experience of those and I simply KNOW it is possible to live your life free of them.

It took me a long time to re-establish myself and find my space, but eventually it is here, in my cyber therapeutic practice room, that I invite you to come and relax and discover yourself. I am also big into mindfulness and include that in my sessions. I find that internet sessions are intimate and very effective.

All sessions are via Skype and to celebrate my new website I am offering 50% off on all sessions booked for August, September and October! I’m back and I want to celebrate it!

Get in touch if you would like to know more. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Aleksandra Rechtman

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