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Through the techniques I practise I offer a deep dive into your inner landscape where we can identify the parts that make up your inner family and connect to the energy of Self, the seat of consciousness and the deepest core of who we are. You can experience for yourself how that can open space for transition, release and expansion. No matter what you’ve faced or how long you’ve faced it – there is always hope. 

IFS or Internal Family Systems is a method or therapy that helps a person identify Self and Parts.

Similar to a family consisting of different individuals with their own unique personalities and roles, our internal world is comprised of different ‘Parts’. Every part has its own specific desires and intentions. You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Part of me wants to do this thing, but another part does not want to do this thing”. This suggests that we have inner ‘parts’ that hold individual goals or visions that sometimes seem at odds with each other.

That said, every part holds positive intent, even if its actions or beliefs seem to contradict or restrain a person from achieving certain outcomes. Because a part’s goals are meant to be helpful to a person, the approach to working with a part is to understand its nature and to work with understanding and compassion when interacting with a Part.

Emotional Clearing


“Feelings are composed of energy, and as this energy continues to build in the subconscious, it starts to act out.  It’s the energy of the feelings that influences us, coloring our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, our health, and eventually attracting negative circumstances.”

–  ‘Emotional Clearing’  by John Ruskan


Our inner ‘personas’ or ‘parts’ can influence our lives dramatically by moving us into acting out strong feelings towards someone else, towards a situation as well as towards ourselves.  In those times when we are emotionally upset or triggered, our beliefs challenged, our inner equilibrium may topple and we’re left deluged by the sudden surge of emotions springing forth from inside of us.



“Societies that value dreams evolve recognized techniques for approaching the dream source for guidance and healing.”

“Before you can work with your dreams, you have to catch them. Dream catching is an exciting sport, the most thrilling and rewarding game I know.”

‘Conscious Dreaming’ by Robert Moss

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