Compassionate Experiential Therapy

for Personal Growth and Healing

Parts & Dreams Centre – Trauma-Informed Parts Work * Dreams * Emotional Clearing

Welcome to Parts & Dreams Centre – I’m glad you’re here!


I offer a range of mind-body, emotional relief and trauma-informed techniques.

No matter what you’ve faced or how long you’ve faced it – there is always hope. 

My work is  holistic and integrative using one or more of the modalities I practice. I include IFS (Internal Family Systems or Parts Work), Emotional Clearing, Somatic Work and Dream Work (see below for more information). While not ‘talk’ therapy or psychotherapy, we will dialogue as we engage with one or more of the experiential modalities I’ve mentioned here.

Honouring and respecting who you are and how you are forms a fundamental part of how we will work together.  I provide an environment where you will find safety in our sessions as you begin transforming those issues that are problematic for you.  This is sacred work meant support you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

IFS (Internal Family Systems or Parts Work)

This method helps a person to identify and distinguish between their Self and their Parts.

We’ll take a deep dive into this inner landscape where we can identify the parts that make up your inner family. We’ll connect to the energy of Self, the seat of consciousness and the deepest core of who we are.

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Emotional Clearing


“Feelings are composed of energy, and as this energy continues to build in the subconscious, it starts to act out.  It’s the energy of the feelings that influences us, coloring our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, our health, and eventually attracting negative circumstances.”

–  ‘Emotional Clearing’  by John Ruskan

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“Societies that value dreams evolve recognized techniques for approaching the dream source for guidance and healing.”

“Before you can work with your dreams, you have to catch them. Dream catching is an exciting sport, the most thrilling and rewarding game I know.”

‘Conscious Dreaming’ by Robert Moss

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Somatic Work

I work online via Skype or Zoom

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